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Ryan Trenn has been a Travel Advisor, and owner of Take Me Away Travel Agency for over 10 years.

He prides himself on his unwavering dedication to his clients, making sure they achieve the vacation of their dreams.

Additionally, he has been a lover of music his entire life. Ryan had a vision of combining his love of music and his business of travel.


Enter Joe Bachman.


Joe & Ryan met in 2018 at a Bachman Show. Joe is a Country Singer/Songwriter with 25+ years as a professional musician. Instantly, a brotherhood formed and Vacation Jams was born.

With Bachman’s friends and connections in the music industry, and Trenn’s in the Travel Industry, it was a perfect match. Vacation Jams was built to bring live music… and you, to paradise.

Bachman & Trenn.jpg

Launching Vacation Jams in late 2020, Trenn/Bachman announced their first Destination Concert Vacation. “Way Down Here With Joe Bachman & Friends” brought 7 Artists and almost 200 guests to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Vacation Jams’ first ever trip was a massive success.


“Ryan & I are so passionate about our client’s experience and that comes from two very different places. Mine comes from the stage looking out to the fans. I want them to have the best time at the shows, and offstage, I want them to spend a week interacting with their favorite artists in a way they never thought possible. Ryan wants their vacation experience to exceed any excpectation they’ve ever had. He creates relationships with resorts and makes sure his clients are treated like royalty. He works relentlessly to find the best resorts on earth for the best price. We really do make a great team”, says Bachman!

Stay tuned for many upcoming announcements about new and exciting festivals presented by Vacation Jams...

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